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The Ideas Tree

Most platforms that encourage you to comment on other people's ideas or content use a thread structure where your suggestion can end up being buried in a long list. Here at coWonder, we wanted to support the sharing and fostering of ideas and we quickly realized that a list just wasn't up to the job. So, we designed a platform that will not only showcase your challenge but also provide a seedbed from which ideas can germinate and grow.


The beauty of the coWonder Ideas Tree

The coWonder Ideas Tree opens up a world of new ideas, a multitude of possibilities where users don't have to contribute to the original challenge but can make suggestions against some of the subsequent contributions. If you don't know much about the subject matter of the original challenge but want to help, you can add something to a contribution made by somebody else so that a lack of knowledge about the challenge doesn't prevent you from helping.

Here's an example:

Challenge: I am writing a children's book which takes place in New York. Can anybody help me with what children might do in the city?

Perhaps you don't feel able to suggest something directly because you don't have children and have never lived in New York but, nevertheless, you want to help. This is where the tree comes into its own because instead of focusing on the original challenge itself, you can read some of the contributions that others have made and find something that relates directly to your experiences.

You might find a contribution like this:

New York is a dynamic city that is bursting with life. Just like children!

This could be the link that allows you into the challenge: something that clicks with you and connects New York, children and your experience. Perhaps you love sports and can now relate to the challenge as a whole. To contribute, all you have to do is click on that contribution. A space will spring from it for you to add your idea:

What sort of sport might a child living in New York play?

Which, in turn, might prompt you to make a second contribution:

Perhaps the children in your story could play baseball in Central Park.

You can see how this works. Your contributions might be just enough for somebody else to connect to the challenge and prompt them to add something alongside. So, quickly, one challenge can become a tree of ideas, points of view and suggestions. You really don't have to be an expert on the subject to make a valuable contribution.

At coWonder, a single challenge rapidly grows into a Tree of Ideas, allowing our community to explore different paths through challenges in a dynamic and exciting way that is so unlike the list or thread structure that we have all become used to. One branch of suggestions rapidly spreads out, allowing a group of people to add to a challenge in tandem, meaning that multiple ideas and contributions can be developed simultaneously. This Parallel Principle dramatically increases the effectiveness of coWonder allowing any number of people to contribute to a challenge at the same time and in parallel.

The 141 Principle

The 141 Principle is the simple secret at the heart of coWonder: if you find a new contribution to your challenge, all that we ask is that you give one idea, suggestion or viewpoint back for a challenge set by your contributor – one contribution for one idea, or 141 for short. Give them the richness of your perspective, your opinion, your experience.

And don't get hung up about whether you are an expert on the subject. At coWonder, we know that sometimes the most valuable ideas come from the naïve approach, from the creativity that springs from instinct.

So this is how the 141 Principle works: if you receive a contribution to your challenge, mouse over the space containing the contribution and an arrow will appear on the top left. Click on the arrow and you'll be taken to the list of challenges that have been created by that contributor. It really is that simple.

And to encourage others to start bringing their viewpoints to your new challenge, all you have to do is visit a few of theirs and share your thoughts. The 141 Principle means that you'll be getting help with your challenge in no time.

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